Artist Statement

Hope and wonder. The painted lullaby. This is what I love to make. When I was a child, beautiful fairytale pictures comforted me. They brought me hope and wonder. They helped me go to sleep at night. Sometimes I hugged pictures to my chest. Sometimes I stared at them for long moments. Sometimes I tried to render them. I know this: they helped me.

When I paint I hope to do two things: be kind to myself and pay it forward. I want a painting to be like a good lullaby and by that I mean a painting that comes with love, joy, hope, and wonder and not without that tiny little twinge of haunting sadness that is true.

My paintings are not meant to gloss over life’s deep sadness or torturous truths. Rather I want them to send the message that love wins and that hope and wonder are essential to our survival. In our darkest corners, in our deepest hopelessness we are surrounded by “orbs of light” ready to heal and comfort us. If we listen to the lullaby instead of laugh at its simplicity and innocence we will be soothed. We have a gift for the taking.

I am forever grateful for the artists whose work brought me hope and wonder as a child and as an adult. I have this little life and it is a little thing I want to pass along that was once given to me.

-Christy Spaulding Boyer